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Evolving Alliances in the rich Gulf and the poor Horn: Deni’s UAE and Ethiopia Connections Versus Hassan Sheikh’s Strategy in Saudi Arabia.

President Deni’s diplomatic ties with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have raised eyebrows within the federal government, sparking dissatisfaction. This development comes amid President Hassan Sheikh’s visit to Saudi Arabia, suggesting a possible connection between his discussions there and the broader diplomatic friction.

Over the past year, relations between Somalia and the UAE have deteriorated, fueled by increased involvement from Turkey and Qatar in Somalia’s affairs. Additionally, Ethiopia’s violation of Somali territory on January 1st exacerbated tensions, with speculation pointing to the UAE’s regional port interests and its historical ties with Ethiopia as influencing factors.

President Deni’s recent visit to Ethiopia, followed by his trip to the UAE, underscores the complexity of the situation. His engagements with high-ranking UAE officials and Ethiopian officials are anticipated to delve into significant discussions. Notably, Puntland’s recent withdrawal of recognition from Somalia’s Federal Government under President Hassan Sheikh, citing unilateral changes to the constitution, adds another layer to the escalating diplomatic standoff.

Saudi Arabia’s opposition to the Economic and Defense Agreement between Turkey and Somalia has surfaced, as it perceives it as a means of extending Turkish influence in the region.

The Somali president, currently visiting Saudi Arabia, is engaging in high-level talks with Saudi officials, including Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The discussions center around whether Saudi Arabia should step in to fill the financial void left by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has been a significant supporter of Somalia. Alternatively, there’s consideration for efforts to mend the strained relations between Somalia and the UAE.

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