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Turkish Naval Vessel Docked in Mogadishu to Implement Defense & Economic Pact.

Today, the Turkish naval ship KINALIADA F-514 made its arrival in Mogadishu, marking the commencement of the Economic and Defense Agreement between Turkey and Somalia, which was established in February this year.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud warmly welcomed and unveiled the Turkish warship, emphasizing that its presence signifies the tangible implementation of the bilateral agreement. He expressed gratitude to the Turkish people, their President, and Government, highlighting Turkey’s significant role in Somalia.

In honor of Turkey’s National Sovereignty and Children’s Day celebrated on April 23, President Hassan Sheikh extended congratulations to Turkey and underscored the importance of mutual trust and continued support between Turkey and Somalia.

The Turkish ambassador to Somalia Alper Aktaş reiterated Turkey’s steadfast support for Somalia’s territorial integrity and unity, reaffirming the commitment to strengthen bilateral ties.

A statement from the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hakan Fidan, conveyed the imminent visit to Mogadishu and the purpose of the Turkish warship’s docking at the port, emphasizing the reinforcement of the recent Defense and Economic Agreement between the two nations, including collaborative efforts in marine oil production.

We asked Abdulahi M. Abdulahi, a researcher and maritime lawyer, How will help this agreement to the Somali Government?

“Somalia will give a strategic cooperation with Turkey that they collaborate closely in coordinating maritime security efforts to protect Somalia’s maritime domain, including joint patrols, information sharing, and training programs aimed to enhance the Somali naval capabilities” said Abdullahi

On the other hand, reports say the Turkish naval ship KINALIADA F-514 arrived in Mogadishu as part of a worldwide voyage. This journey, involving visits to 22 ports, aims to strengthen international cooperation. The ship, integral to anti-piracy efforts, conducts joint exercises with host countries’ navies at each port.




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