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The World Government Summit: Agenda and Guests.

The World Government Summit (WGS) began in Dubai on Sunday, February 11th, and is set to continue until the 14th, focusing on addressing challenges and exploring opportunities for collective action. It aims to shape the future of governance and promote global sustainable development. Covering a wide array of topics such as technology, sustainability, governance, and human development, the summit serves as a platform for engaging discussions and knowledge sharing.

Among the participants are heads of state, government officials, business leaders, academics, and civil society representatives. With sessions centered on artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital governance, the summit highlights the transformative potential of technology in reshaping governance and public services.

Furthermore, the WGS serves as a venue for spotlighting successful practices and experiences from various regions. Through workshops, exhibitions, and networking events, attendees can learn from one another and establish partnerships to drive positive change. This year’s theme, ‘Shaping Future Governments,’ encompasses six sub-themes, including ‘Sustainability and Global Shifts,’ ‘Urbanization and Global Health Priorities,’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Frontiers.’

However, amidst the discussions, there are significant political and economic challenges to contend with. Issues such as the conflict in Gaza, Houthi attacks on international ships in the Red Sea, global trade uncertainty, and fluctuations in the oil sector are among the concerns casting a shadow over the event.



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