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Deni to Announce New Government Cabinet Composition.

President Said Deni of Puntland is set to announce the composition of the new government cabinet within the next 24 hours, signaling significant changes within the administration. Expectations are high as reports suggest notable adjustments in the upcoming cabinet lineup.

The impending announcement is expected to introduce ministers chosen from prominent political figures, amid Somalia’s state building, constitution amendment, and federalization debates garner significant attention, yet Puntland has been notably silent on these matters for the past two years.

Notably, individuals from clans in the Southwest, Hirshebelle, and Jubaland administrations, who have been residing in Puntland for the past 25 years, are likely to be included. This inclusion reflects a substantial shift in Puntland’s leadership, seen as aligning with President Said Deni’s presidential candidate of Somalia again in 2026.

Furthermore, there are plans to expand the cabinet by adding three new ministries. Key changes involve splitting the Ministry of Finance into two separate entities: one focusing on revenue and financial affairs, and the other seperation labor, staff, youth, and sports. Previously, these responsibilities were consolidated under a single ministry.

Anticipated Arrival of Fresh Faces, with Potential for 2 or 3 Returning ministers.

Additionally, representatives from the House of Representatives, particularly those from Bari and Mudug, are expected to join the Council of Ministers, especially those who garnered significant votes from these regions.

The new council of ministers coincides with a significant financial downturn in Puntland, where projects valued at over $150 million are pending in jeopardy due to the conflict between Puntland and the federal government.

Keep following The Daily Somalia for comprehensive coverage and exclusive updates on the unfolding developments within the new Puntland Council of Ministers.



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