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Somalia Grants Turkey Authorization to Safeguard Its Maritime Territory in Landmark Agreement.

Somali government has recently approved a significant defense agreement with Turkey, reportedly granting Ankara the responsibility to construct and fortify the Somali navy while also safeguarding the nation’s coastline. Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre hailed the agreement as “historic” during the cabinet meeting, emphasizing its potential to address various security concerns including terrorism, piracy, and illegal fishing.

According to inside sources, the deal permits the Turkish navy to protect Somali waters for the next decade if necessary. However, Turkish officials declined to comment on the specifics, noting that the agreement must first be ratified by the Turkish parliament and president before details can be disclosed to the public.

This move comes amidst tensions between Somalia and Ethiopia, following Ethiopia’s memorandum of understanding with the breakaway region of Somaliland, which Somalia views as part of its territory. Somalia has expressed readiness to defend its territorial integrity, accusing Ethiopia of planning to annex Somaliland with the alleged involvement of Ethiopian military officials.

In light of these developments, Turkey’s involvement in Somalia takes on added significance, as it joins other regional powers vying for influence in the strategically located country. The agreement entails Turkey providing training and resources to bolster the Somali Navy, aiming to enhance its capabilities in combating various threats including terrorism, piracy, and foreign interference.



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