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Inside Puntland Council Elections: All you need to know

Puntland, Somalia – In the aftermath of the successful pilot elections in the districts of Qardho, Ufeyn, and Eyl, Today, the people of Puntland are casting their votes for the election of local councils. Unfortunately, due to the prevailing war with Somaliland and their ongoing fight for the liberation of their land, the regions of Sool and Eyn will not be participating in this election, Following an incident last night where a portion of the ballot boxes of the some districts of Nugal were confiscated and set on fire in Garowe by militia following the opposition politicians, the TPEC has suspended temporarily the elections of three districts of #Puntland, including #Garowe; the capital city of Puntland and will be delayed.

The local council elections are currently underway in seven Puntland regions, namely Bari, Mudug, Nugal, Sanaag, Karkar, Gardafu, and Haylaan. A total of 30 districts will be involved in the electoral process.

Seven of the nine political associations in Puntland have decided to participate in the elections. However, Horseed and The Youth Association are not competing in these elections citing concerns over the government’s alleged desire for a term extension.

The seven political associations have collectively submitted around 3,775 candidates for the local council elections, with 1,065 of them being women, accounting for approximately 28.2% of the total candidates.

The voter registration process has seen 387K individuals registered, and 319K voting cards have been distributed, representing 83% of the registered voters.

The 387K voters have been registered for the Puntland elections, with women accounting for 49.7% of registered voters. The youth, aged 18-30, make up a significant 60.6% of registered voters.- Per Tpec.

As part of the political landscape, the Puntland government has proposed a plan to transform the associations into five political parties after the election. However, this proposal is subject to approval or rejection by the parliament, while the Puntland Constitution mandates that the three political associations which garner the most votes automatically become political parties.

Opposition politicians in Puntland who are not affiliated with associations have expressed their opposition to this election. They have demanded that the President clarify his stance on the presidential election which is constitutionally mandates on January 8, suggesting a return to the old tribal system, where 66 parliamentarians selected by clan elders elect the President. These opposition politicians accuse the President of seeking a term extension.

According to the Puntland Constitution, following the local council elections, the three political associations that secure the majority of local council seats will automatically transform into political parties and compete in the parliamentary elections.

The campaign for the Puntland political associations concluded 21st, May, as they showcased their strength and vision to the public for the last month.

The President of Puntland wrapped up his KAAH political association’s campaign in the significant region of Sanaag where he did canvassing and sent a message to the world about the forthcoming local council elections in the area.

The Daily Somalia will provide minute-by-minute updates and reports related to the local council elections currently underway in Puntland.



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