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President Deni’s Address Sparks National Debate: A Closer Look at Key Talking Points.

President Said Abdullahi Deni of Puntland made an impassioned speech at a recent rally for the Kaah Association, held at the Awale Football Stadium in Galkayo. In his address, he responded unequivocally to President Hassan Sheikh and Prime Minister Hamse, accusing President Hassan Sheikh of orchestrating the destruction of Puntland and highlighting his consistent opposition to the federalization process of Somalia.

Deni pointed out that President Hassan had been the sole dissenting voice during his two terms in office, both presently and back in 2013, and emphasized his opposition to the democratization process in Puntland. Deni also voiced his concerns about the recent tripartite meeting in Djibouti, alleging that it was aimed at hindering the determined efforts of the resilient people of Lasanod and appeared to have been intended to undermine and destroy the progress and unity of Puntland. He assured the audience that the word had reached him and that he was ready to defend Puntland.

The President went on to accuse President Hassan Sheikh of assuming the role of the Prime Minister and infringing upon the equitable distribution of power within the country. Specifically, he pointed out that President Hassan Sheikh had appointed his own family members as envoys, paralleling the ministries and undermining the principles of fair governance. Deni referred to Prime Minister Hamse as a secretary to Hassan Sheikh, insinuating that he serves as a mere employee of the President.In his speech, Deni praised the city of Galkayo as the cornerstone of Puntland’s unity and a symbol of the spirit of the region. He also thanked on behalf of KAAH association for their unwavering support, which he described as a testament to KAAH’s immense strength within Puntland.

The President expressed his commitment to defending democracy and the constitutional rights of the people of Puntland. He accused President Hassan Sheikh and Prime Minister Hamse of holding reservations towards democracy, citing Hassan’s consistent opposition to federalization and democracy as evidence. Deni affirmed that Puntland serves as a staunch guardian of the constitution, steadfastly defending the unity of all Somalis and upholding the principles that define the nation. Deni emphasized that Puntland is resolute in its commitment to protecting and safeguarding the city of Lasanod and its residents, refusing to tolerate any form of invasion. He criticized Muse Bihi’s recent remarks in front of Somaliland’s parliament, which he said left no doubt about the shared ill intentions of Bihi and President Mohamoud towards Lasanod.

Finally, the President called for fairness and logic, reminding the audience that Puntland had invested considerable time and effort in crafting the federal constitution, only to face severe repercussions from the Federal Government of Somalia. He questioned whether this was aligned with logic and fairness.



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