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Puntland Droughts: Puntland President held side meetings with Puntland Scholars & Civil Society.

Garowe: 14 July 2022: The President of Puntland Mr. Said Abdullahi Deni together with the Vice President of Puntland Ahmed Ali Osman Karaash, Special Envoy for Droughts of Somali President & Puntland Drought Committee last night after the opening of the Drought Relief Conference, held a site meetings with Scholars & Civil Society Organizations of Puntland. The President spoke to the Scholars & Community Organizations about their role in contributing to the relief provided to the people affected by the drought, as he shared how Puntland Government is committed to the Drought relief plan in which the Government, Scholars and various sections of the Society are participating.

The Puntland State has announced the Puntland Drought Fund and Puntland Invested 1 Million Dollars at the launch forum at Martisoor Hotel Garowe.

Somalia is experiencing the worst droughts in decades. Hunger & nutrition crises are rapidly worsening & the gap between food insecurity & available resources is widening. Nearly 8 Million People now face high levels of Hunger & Severe water shortages across Somalia.




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